7 Tips for Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Published: 27th April 2012
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Everyone wants to have beautiful backyard landscaping, but creating the perfect backyard isnít just about landscaping. Itís about creating an outdoor space you can enjoy and make the most of. Outdoor living is quite trendy right now, but youíve got to have the backyard to make it worthwhile to spend your time out there. Here are seven tips any homeowner can use when creating the perfect backyard:

  1. Think about what you like to do in the space. Function should always precede form, even when youíre talking about landscaping because a great landscape is one that not only looks great but is also very functional. Do you enjoy having cookouts in the backyard? If so, an outdoor kitchen might be the perfect solution. If you prefer to spend time relaxing, make that the focal point of your ideas.

  2. Consider who will be using it. Next itís important to think about who will be using the yard the most. If you have outdoor pets, keep them in mind as youíre planning, and create special play areas if you have children who spend a lot of time in the backyard. Also donít forget to put up a barrier around your swimming pool if you have small children to keep them from wandering into the pool when you arenít watching.

  3. Look for various ground coverings. Next itís time to start looking at the ground. Grass is just for boring backyards, so look for ways to use natural stone as a patio. Maybe you want to add some stepping stones to highlight a certain area of the yard. The entire backyard should not be all grass!

  4. Add in a water feature. For some homeowners, a swimming pool is the perfect water feature, and itís important to incorporate the pool into the landscape. Make it part of the picture instead of allowing it to stick out like a sore thumb. Natural stone is a great way to incorporate a swimming pool and make it look like it belongs. A waterfall and/or pond are also great additions to any backyard landscape.

  5. Highlight the good and downplay the bad. Every yard is bound to have good and bad features, so it is important to find ways to use these features to enhance both the function and form of the yard. Maybe you need a retaining wall to deal with water problems, but that doesnít mean you have to use boring bricks to build it. Instead, go for something a little more decorative that will do the job as well.

  6. Add some color. Now we finally get to talking about plants. Youíll notice that this is way down here at step number six! The plants should be used to decorate rather than create the main effects. Leave the main effects up to stone features.

  7. Donít forget the borders. Privacy fencing and hedges are a great way to make your backyard really seem like that extra room in your house. The type of border you use around the yard can give it style, charm, or class.

No two backyards are the same, and every homeowner has his or her own opinion about what makes a backyard perfect. It is always critical that you plan the entire yard before you start moving stone or dirt. Think of it as renovating an entire room. You wouldnít start tearing out walls before you had a plan for the entire space.

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